Clever System – Modules

Clever System consists of software modules that can be combined freely and configured to meet production requirements. The modules communicate with each other through local computer network. The data, generated in the production process, are sent to SQL database server where they are archived.
Clever Kernel

Clever Kernel

Following the requirements coming from a superior system, it generates a list of production operations and parts. It then sends the generated data to workplaces controlled by Clever Client.
It ensures communication with the individual modules on the production line and at the same time it works as the administrator of technological and status databases..
Clever Web

Clever Web

A set of software modules that enable, through www interface, to access information and data defining the production process and data generated by those processes.
They also enable processing technological data, stored in SQL server databases. This interface enables to conduct searches, create summaries and perform configuration, control and modification of the production process. The basic functions can be extended to include other modules as well.
Clever Client

Clever Client

Universal Client Module which is installed at the workplace.
Clever Client module can work both alone or in cooperation with the control centre which makes it possible to take full advantage of the possibilities it offers, such as checking product sequence on the production line, checking if all operations have been completed at the previous workplaces, automatic handing over of the configuration data, ... This module makes it possible to define more operations of the same kind (e.g. separate checking of multiple parts), to configure a program for several tool groups (tighteners), it enables to define the sequence of operations which are carried out.  
The Clever Client module performs the following control, checking and documentary functions:
  • Quality control or record keeping for the assembled parts
  • Checking and record keeping for torque tightening
  • Quality control of unique parts assemblies (e.g. bundled cables)
  • Visual control
  • Output control and finishing the assembly process
  • Printing out the output record

Operational Method SheetsOperational Method Sheets

Record keeping of technological (assembly, working) procedures (OMS) is an application designated for editing and management of instruction cards that are placed at the workplaces.
It is possible to link the procedures to the parts list where the technologist picks individual parts and assigns them to the operations defined for each workplace of the production line.
On behalf of the technological procedures that rely on the parts lists, the application monitors any changes in the parts lists and notifies the technologists responsible.
The output is a PDF document with operations and illustration photographs to be printed out and it is also possible to display the procedures directly on a monitor at the workplace.
Time Tracker

Clever Time Tracker

It enables monitoring of employees and of the time spent at each workplace.    The main function of this module is to monitor how demanding each order is as far as time is concerned.
Employee data and times recorded may be utilized by other modules, e.g. for employee attendance records. For identification RFID chips or bar codes are used.
Personal identification

 Personal identification

Employee records and records of identifiers assigned to them. They may be bar coded identification cards or identification chips.
This application enables printing out bar coded cards or chip card printing. This system is an open application and it enables to share data with other information systems, e.g. Human Resources, Order Cost Records or with a program to calculate wages. The basic system can be extended to include the following modules: