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Evidence of technological (assembly, working) procedures (OMS) is an application designated for editing and management of instruction cards that are placed at the workplaces. The procedures can be linked to the parts list, where the technologist picks up the individual components and matches them with the operations defined at the individual workplaces of the production line.
Management of Technological Procedures

For the technologistFor the technologist

  • Intuitive administration interface
  • Colour distinguished windows according to the categories of operations
  • Drag and drop part assigning from the parts list
  • Automatic revision control and the available history of changes
  • Built-in picture editor
  • E-mail notification of changes in the parts list

For the IT specialistFor the IT specialist

  • OMS Admin is a Web application – the user does not need to install anything, all that is required is an internet browser
  • Easy backing up; all data is stored centrally in SQL server databases
  • On-line support

Application Output

The output is a PDF document with operations and illustrative photographs which is designated to be printed out or it is possible to display the procedures directly on the workplace monitor.
Operational Method Sheets
Electronic version displayed on a monitor
  • No need to print out anything
  • No need to distribute anything at the workplaces
  • No need to discard anything
  • There is always an update revision of the OMS immediately at the workplace
  • Possibility of displaying the OMS for a specific product variant
  • Displaying the OMS on any computer that has an internet browser installed

Presentation A: Simple Management of Technological Procedures
in the Czech Language - presentation/Power Point

 Operational Method Sheets OMS Admin OMS Admin BOM
Editing of the technological assembly procedures linked to the parts list  
Possibility of setting up different levels of component part assemblies
Editing of the technological assembly procedures without a link to the parts list
Verification whether all the components have been used from the parts list
Possibility of adding new or alternate component parts
Possibility of defining the relation: component part -> product variant
Revision - Automatic revision increase and closing this revision for editing, after the changes in the technological procedure have been completed
Export of the entire technological procedure, including pictures, into PDF
Possibility of displaying technological procedures in an internet browser
Setting up user/technologist rights to individual products
Change history (who and when changed what to what) and looking up the technological procedure according to expiration date
Checking whether there is not an unauthorized or wrongly assigned component part in some technological assembly procedure  
Parts list change notice. In case of a change in any technological assembly procedure the relevant users are notified according to the setting in "email manager"  
Email manager – assigns the list of e-mail addresses to which information about a change in the parts list of a specific product is sent  
Notification of the changes to the parts list that have not yet been included on starting the application  
Multilinguality – English, Czech, other languages

OMS Admin

Easy picture editing by means of a built-in graphics editor OMS Admin

OMS Browser

An easy defining of the look by means of templates OMS Browser